MTA tracks and monitors proposed laws and legislation affecting our members and the tourism industry. MTA also hosts a legislative reception annually during the legislative session, as well as sponsoring the “Friends of Tourism” Awards, which are presented to those legislators and government officials who have shown the strongest support for the industry.

For those of us in the tourism industry, we know the impact of what we do for the Mississippi economy. Share the impact with those around you. 

Learn more about the impact of tourism on the state in 2021 by visiting here.

  • Travel and Tourism produced $677 MILLION in state tax revenues and $188.5 MILLION in city/county tax revenues from visitor spending and other revenue sources…a combined $665.1 MILLION.
  • Travel and Tourism generated $6.727 BILLION in total visitor spending, which is a 19% increase from 2020’s total spend of $5.65 billion.
  • Travel and Tourism is our fourth-largest private sector employer. It accounts for 76,655 direct jobs and an additional 24,565 indirect and induced jobs: a total of 101,220 jobs, which equals 9% of the state’s total jobs.