The Mississippi Tourism Association is an association comprised of tourism professionals established to support and empower Mississippi’s tourism industry through advocacy and education. Membership is open to those in the hospitality industry as well as public service organizations and allied businesses.

Tourism is the 4th largest industry in Mississippi, employing more than 127,000 people and generating more than $6.51 BILLION in visitor spending. More than 24 MILLION people visited Mississippi in the past year. Our association was created to be the voice of tourism for our industry partners around the state. We want to ensure all visitors to Mississippi have a positive experience within a variety of industry segments in travel and tourism, such as destination marketing organizations, attractions, hotels, restaurants and others.

MTA strives to provide quality education and training opportunities and networking tools for our members. Through collaborative advocacy, we work to strengthen the tourism industry in our state.

Danielle Morgan, Executive Director
Mississippi Tourism Association